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Introducing the Mozu Hanger

Revolutionize the way you hang your clothes with our elegant, versatile, and environmentally friendly hangers.

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The World's Friendliest Hanger

The Mozu Hanger is a beautiful, slim, Earth-friendly hanger with an innovative notch that eliminates the stretching of collars. From button-down dress shirts and polo shirts to t-shirts and children’s clothing, the Mozu Hanger can easily be used on a wide variety of garments. Discover how the innovative functionality of the Mozu Hanger can simplify your clothes hanging experience.

Product Features

The design of the Mozu Hanger offers a variety of features to make your life easier, and it is so unique that we were awarded a US Patent.

Innovative Notch

The seamlessly integrated notch prevents the stretching of collars, making it possible to hang and remove most clothing with the top buttons buttoned (even baby clothes).

Slim Profile

The space-saving Mozu Hanger is thinner than standard wood and plastic hangers, maximizing your closet space.

Refined Shape

The meticulously designed shape maintains the shirt’s form and eliminates those hideous shoulder deformities we like to call “pokies.”

Renewable Material

Made of 40% wheat straw material (an agricultural bi-product), the Mozu Hanger is light and thin while still being strong, flexible, and highly durable.

Pants Bar

The integrated pants bar of the Mozu Hanger won’t flex or fall apart, and its tall profile provides additional strength and rigidity.

Swivel Hook

The swivel hook gives you the freedom to hang your hangers however and wherever you chose. It’s also shorter than standard hooks, giving you more space under your clothes.


They are very sturdy, stronger than any plastic hanger I’ve ever had. And it’s so easy to hang things up or take things off. Awesome product and I plan on ordering more in time!

Steven W. (Kickstarter Backer)

Out of all the items I've funded on Kickstarter over the years, I'm pleased to say the Mozu Hanger now takes the #1 spot for best reward...This simple redesign of a hanger eliminates frustration every single laundry day, which averages ~104 days/year. No other reward has made this level of positive impact on everyday routines.

Sterling F. (Kickstarter Backer)

I got my Mozu Hangers about a month ago and all I can say is WOW! I love these hangers a lot. The divots in the hanger for women's clothes were a real winner with my wife as well. Your team did a great job and these hangers really did exceed my expectations.

Michael B. (Kickstarter Backer)