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ensu [en-soo]

: to strive to attain; pursue

Our Purpose

As designers and engineers, we at Ensu Design are committed to reshaping the world we live in for a more beautiful, more functional, and more sustainable future. Our mission is to shape our environment through design and innovation. To do this, we started in the home - where we spend much of our time and effort, and where we as consumers have the most control and impact.

Our Values

Beautiful Design

Everything we create should instill within us a visual sense of passion and excitement, or else there is no sense in creating at all.

Innovative Functionality

Everything we create should serve a purpose, and we should constantly innovate to solve the problems in the world around us.


As stewards of our world, we must seek to use the most sustainable materials and processes possible to limit our impact on the environment.

Where it all Began

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

– Lao Tzu

Our Story

Childhood friends Tim Lee and Michael Graham teamed up to pursue their lifelong dream of starting a design company together, which they named Ensu Design. Their first self-initiated challenge was to redesign the conventional clothing hanger. What originally began as an internal test project had quickly developed into a viable, marketable, and innovative household solution. In 2020, they successfully launched their product on Kickstarter: the Mozu Hanger - a beautiful, Earth-friendly clothing hanger with an innovative notch that eliminates the stretching of collars. Since then, they have been working diligently to continue to develop innovative products that make our lives simpler and more enjoyable while using eco-conscious materials and manufacturing processes.

Our Team

Timothy Lee, Engineer

Tim is a mechanical engineer with experience in stress analysis, prototyping, manufacturing, and intellectual property. After working for several years in the aerospace and automotive industries, he is excited to be working where his true passion is – innovating, creating, and making.  Learn More »

Michael Graham, Designer

Michael studied industrial and graphic design and served as a Topographic Analyst in the US Army. He has worked as a graphic designer at several top media and marketing companies, but his passion remains developing creative and elegant solutions to everyday problems.  Learn More »